Member-Only Email Groups

You must be a NYCHEA member to participate in any of these groups.  Once we receive your membership form, we will send you an invite to join Announcements. You will be responsible to join the chat groups. Your membership will be confirmed to join.  

These NYCHEA active,  member-run discussion groups are on yahoogroups. Please follow the links if you'd like to join. Please register for a yahoo ID at if you don't already have one.

  1. Chialist- a moderated, low-volume unofficial discussion group.
  2. NYCHEA_Announcements- This is THE official email announcement group. As of April 2008, all NYCHEA members must be members of this low-volume list, as Newsletters will only be available via the Files folder to subscribed members.
  3. Unofficial NYCHEA- a moderated, unofficial off-shoot of Chialist. Heavier volume.

All dues paying, current NYCHEA members are eligible for inclusion. Each list requires approval by the owner which may take a few days.